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How to Buy House without Money: Four Useful Solutions

How to Buy House without Money - The dream of buying a house can also be realized by those who do not have immediate liquidity. So let's look at four solutions for those who want to buy a property without money.

How to buy a house without money: four useful solutions

Real Estate Leasing, How it Works?

Extended by the Stability Act 2016 also to real estate, buying a house with real estate leasing provides special facilities for young people under 35 years. To buy the property is a bank or company that grants it with a monthly rent to a private person at a price generally higher than the market price. At the end of the contract, the buyer can decide whether to leave the property, buy it by redeeming the fees already paid or renew the lease for another period.

Sale with Reserve Ownership of a Property 

Ownership of the property is not transferred at the time of signing the contract, but only with the payment of the last installment. This is even if the future buyer can immediately get into possession of the property. In this way there is a certainty of the purchase and any debts or foreclosures of the seller are not transferred to the buyer. However, since it is a real sale, taxes must be paid immediately.

Rent with Ransom

Article 23 of Unlock Italy has adjusted the rent with ransom, often mistakenly confused with the rent to buy. Seven years after the contract was signed, the tenant has the right to redeem the real estate.

For the buyer the advantage is twofold: on the one hand, the tax effects of the sale, both for those who sell and for those who buy, start at the time of redemption and not at the beginning of the lease; From the other, the buyer has seven years to find the necessary capital when buying the property.

Mortgage Life Loan 

A tool that allows homeowners over 60 years old to apply for a bank loan, guaranteed by the registration of a first-degree mortgage on the property. The homeowner may decide to close the contract when he wants the contract, paying the bank the capital received plus interest, or let the heirs liquidate the loan by selling the house to the lender or repaying the loan obtained with the interest accrued over time.

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