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Documents Needed to Buy a House

Documents Needed to Buy a House - Some useful tips to buy a home avoiding wasted time and other unpleasant surprises.

Documents Needed to Buy a House

Whether it is a purchase aimed at ensuring more space for the family, the desire to get closer to the workplace or, simply, the desire to assert its independence, the purchase of a house requires a preliminary assessment of a considerable number of factors. In particular, it is necessary to pay close attention to a number of documents, including:

  • Act of origin
  • Mortgage
  • Certificate of agility
  • Energy Performance Claim (EPA)

Once all these components are regular, you can complete the sale without the purchase dragging on over time, turning into a real nightmare.

How to buy a home: existing options

Once you have decided to get hold of a home, there are two options: design a new one or find one already completed. In the first case it will be an architect who will take care of the construction from the foundations; In the second, however, you will contact a private individual directly, or you can rely on a real estate agency. For home purchase documents to be requested to be sent to the notary are as follows:

  • Copying the identity card (in the process of being valid)
  • Tax code
  • Certificate to certifie marital status (or asset regime)
  • Residence permit (if buyer is non-EU)

Always to the notary should be delivered:

  • Photocopies of checks and/or transfers made (relative to down payment and balance)
  • Bank references when a mortgage is switched on

Act of origin and agility

Looking in detail at the private home purchase documents, it is useful to first dwell on the act of origin. Thanks to the latter, in fact, it is possible to attest the ownership of the property itself, the result of a succession, a donation or a deed. With regard to agility, it will be precisely the certificate of urban regularity that will determine the compliance of the dwelling with what is indicated in the public records. It will also be necessary to verify that the plants are in compliance; The EPA, drawn up by a licensed technician, will provide information on the energy class of the home. The EPA also has an indication of the IPE, the energy performance index.

Mortgages and foreclosures: what to check before buying a house

Before buying a property, you should check whether there is a mortgage on the property, which can be of two types: voluntary or legal. The first does not involve major problems, as it is normally registered by the bank at the time of the granting of a mortgage. In this case, it is sufficient for the owner of the house to provide for its extinction before the deed (or at the same time). It is better to ask the notary for advice, however, when the house is subject to a legal (or judicial) mortgage.
The purchase of a property subject to foreclosure is much more risky. The new buyer has the right to pay creditors on behalf of the previous owner; however, if the latter has been declared bankrupt, other creditors may request the revocation of the act.

The purchase of an apartment and the suspended charges

In buying an apartment located in a building, in addition to mortgage and foreclosure, it is necessary to take into account any charges suspended against the condominium, which will remain at the expense of the owner until the deed. To avoid surprises, the advice is to have both a copy of the condominium regulation and a written statement in which the administrator of the condo confirms the regularity of payments by the seller.
A final audit refers to dwellings built in contracted (or social) housing, and social housing. In such cases, it is essential to ascertain the lack of price and property constraints. It is not uncommon, in fact, to be forced to face imposed prices, or to wait a minimum time before being able to proceed with the sale.

Compromise and deed

Once the agreement between the two counterparts has been reached, the first document to be presented to the notary is the compromise. It will be the latter who attests to the actual agreement between seller and buyer. Once delivered, together with the copies of id card and tax code, it will allow the notary to have the necessary information to complete the procedure until the contract is concluded.
But what are the fundamental elements of the compromise?

  • Part master data
  • Price agreed
  • Terms of payment and terms
  • Date by which the deed will be performed
  • Property features and composition
  • From the property (purchase, succession, donation)
  • Information about any prejudicial enrollments (such as a mortgage)

Assuming that the new owner has actually obtained a copy of the entry keys, and that the circular checks received by the seller have been cashed (to highlight the success of the transaction), the notary will be able to deal with the deed. In the event of problems with the collection of the same squelches, however, the seller will have the right to appeal the deed and, consequently, to make it void if a point of agreement cannot be found with the buyer.

Facilities on buying your first home

If the purchased dwelling is a first home, the buyer will be able to enjoy some facilities. To obtain them, certain requirements are required, and the compilation of a special declaration, through which confirmation will be given:

  • Not to be in possession of other houses in the same municipality within which you intend to buy a new home
  • Not having benefited from the facilities for the purchase of other homes in UK
  • To reside, or want to do so, in the municipality where a property is located, within 18 months of the purchase

Online auctions: buying a property in a simple and transparent way

While traditional buying is still widespread and, as mentioned at the beginning, it may be limited to involving individuals, or to involve the intervention of a real estate agency, judicial auctions have gradually taken place in recent years. It is part of these Real Estate Discount companies, a portal that deals with auction sales. It is, in practice, an online "outlet" thanks to which it is possible, with just a few clicks, to find the ideal housing solution according to your needs. Just take a look at our website, divided by simplicity into thematic areas, to get a first idea of the savings opportunities available for those who participate in the auctions.

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