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Real Estate Investment How to get Started

Real Estate Investment How to get Started - Participating in a bankruptcy auction: here's how to invest in real estate

Real Estate Investment How to get Started

The first thing you need to know about buying properties from bankruptcy auctions is that, given the hand, it is one of the most profitable forms of investment that the modern market can offer us. This concept seems obvious to the many insiders but which, at the same time, is valuable for all those entrepreneurs or private citizens who are entering the world of buying real estate for investment for the first time. And it is precisely to them, to all those who want to understand where to invest in real estate, that the benefits that can be enjoyed by participating in a bankruptcy auction of real estate must be as clear as possible.

In five adjectives, the whole truth about a successful investment:

  • Advantageous. In economic terms, the realisation prices that can be benefited from in bankruptcy auctions are unparalleled with the typical real estate market. The occasions follow each other from day to day and the right opportunity is always around the corner, ready to be caught.
  • Legal. All auctions on online portals are authorised by the respective courts of jurisdiction and, therefore, are in accordance with the relevant case law in every detail.
  • Safe. Online auction sites offer maximum security in terms of the quality of the property auctioned, the transactions of sale and the protection of sensitive data. Privacy is guaranteed as required by law.
  • Transparent. The above is in view of the fact that all the procedures for registering, participating, relaunching and awarding the property are carried out in full transparency. The software developed for these computer platforms allows each potential buyer to follow by thread and by sign all the flow of information that entails, from the announcement of the auction base to the typing of the sale.
  • Simple. The same software has been developed in a lean and intuitive way even for newbies in the industry and therefore can be used from any location or mobile device with a few simple operations, always staying up to date about what is going on in a given auction.

What are the best area to invest in real estate?

To understand how to invest in real estate you need to be aware about what the zones, or cities in this case, are, with the greater return on the initial investment than the others. Nationally, more than a third of the cities with the largest return on invested capital are located on the coast, both north and south of the boot. The centres of the Adriatic Coast, where prices per square metre are much higher, occupy more defied positions. But for all buyers who want to invest in Italy, the cities and towns of the hinterland, often real jewels of tradition and culture, cannot be forgotten.

How to calculate real estate investment

The first step in calculating real estate investment is to determine the rate of return. To calculate this, the ratio of the purchase price to the net income generated by the property must be established. This is the first obligation that the buyer must fulfil before buying the property: it is about the economic return that he will enjoy and, ultimately, the goodness of his investment. The most popular advice is to consider two or more scenarios in the calculation of real estate return, in a scale of decreasing values up to what would define the non-profitable investment. Revenues and exits are easy to spot. On the one hand, annual gross income, inbound, and on the other hand, in expenses, management, routine maintenance, insurance and taxes. On balance, net income must be divided by the purchase price. The result, transformed as a percentage, will confirm the validity of an investment.

Guaranteed income real estate investments: here's the real game

Yard is a full-time and global real estate company to be evaluated and, as of 2017, has forecast a two-year, significant growth. 2018 showed that industry studies had been well-informed and well-received. The real estate sector has grafted an extra gear and buying real estate has returned to being a winning investment as when, rightly seen, there was talk of always investing on the infamous brick. But it doesn't end there: according to industry studies, guaranteed income real estate investments will have a positive trend until the next decade. The gains generated, according to specialized studies, will return to be continuous and consistent, able to guarantee long-term and good quality revenues. For a safer future, brick is once again a guaranteed income for those who, thanks to their entrepreneurial spirit, want to make it their main profession.

Investing in real estate without money is possible

Investing in real estate without money is the dream of every entrepreneur who deals with the real estate market. If it is possible to do so? Objectively speaking, bankruptcy auctions are the best way to save on buying real estate. The zero cost is a chimera that can only prosecute the unwary, but, in the case of real estate auctions instead of through the classic real estate agencies, you can defalcate from the start the notary expenses, mediation and other ancillary expenses that always remain indigestible for both parties. In bankruptcy auctions, after the award, VAT or register tax are required, condominium expenses if provided or for renovations if necessary. Tenants, mortgages, constraints related to the occupation of the property are hassle to be assessed very carefully even before registering for a bankruptcy auction. In any case, the costs of after-contract, compared to a purchase like the one that was being perfected by the previous generation, have nothing to fear.

Seriousness and professionalism: the rest comes by itself

Those dealing with bankruptcy auctions on the Internet are companies authorized by the various courts for the publication and management of bankruptcy auctions of properties of various kinds. Forcibly, a serious and transparent organization, in which you can find a commercial opportunity that can change the fortunes of every company or the future of a private individual. Seriousness and professionalism are two cornerstones around which business strategies and company policies focused on maximum customer satisfaction are developed. With procedures inspired by transparency and ease of movement, these are platforms in which to juggle with confidence and peace of mind for a knockout start-up or to consolidate a proven asset. Behind the scenes, professional staff with unimpeachable technical preparation that will make everything that doesn't seem simple. The rest comes by itself.

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