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Search Homes for Sale In Just a Few Moves

Search Homes for Sale In Just a Few Moves - Here's what to do to find the right home for you

Search Homes for Sale In Just a Few Moves

Those looking for a home to buy know that they will face a long and exhausting search. At this stage it is essential not to be rushed and follow some precautions.

Here are the 4 moves to look for homes for sale:

  • fix the budget available
  • look at as many real estate listings
  • arrange a visit
  • start the negotiation with clear ideas

There are few simple rules that you will have to keep in mind if you want to find a home in no time. Let's see them together.

Set your budget

Looking for a home to buy often means settling for a compromise between what is the home of our dreams and the real opportunities that the market offers.

Very often, you may find yourself looking for homes that don't exist or that you can't afford. You will therefore need to define precisely the characteristics that the property must have and assess whether they are in line with your budget.

The search could be much longer if you insist on looking for houses you can't afford. Try to prioritize to speed up your search.

In short, always keep in touch with reality, wondering how much money you really have, between savings and mortgage.

See the most real estate listings

Those looking for a home do so by relying mainly on the web, while few people look at the windows of real estate agencies or the "sell" signs of the houses for sale.

The network is definitely the first channel from which to look for a home.

Real estate listings on the Internet are numerous and allow you to view photos, description and location of the property. This way you can know the characteristics of the properties and immediately discard those that are not for you.

Home sites for sale also offer the "email alert" service, which allows you to receive ads that match your search criteria by email, and the "add to favorites" feature, where you can save the most interesting ads to see them later.

Looking at as many real estate listings will allow you to get a clear idea of the opportunities of homes for sale that the market offers, you will know the prices and even the properties on which you can bet with the budget at your disposal.

Plan a visit

Once you've spotted an attractive price, you just have to arrange a visit in person.

To make sure the visit is profitable, you'll need to gather as much information as you can, asking a lot of questions to the seller or real estate agent.

Here's what to ask when you see a house for the first time:

  • age and maintenance of the plants
  • Energy certification of the property
  • the amount of condominium expenses

This information may be provided to you by voice for the first time, but during the second visit you will need to request the written documents.

During the visit, you will need to pay attention to the state of the property and check some features of the house. For example, the presence of any cracks on the ceiling and walls, the distribution of spaces (is the number of rooms enough?), the exposure (is there a lot of natural light?) are details that you will not have to miss.

Do not forget to consider the need to carry out renovations: consider precisely the costs and the amount of work needed, especially in the kitchen and bathroom. You will need to plan any intervention well in advance, in order to add it to the purchase price of the house.

Visiting a house to buy will not be limited to the property, but you can take advantage of it to take a tour of the neighborhood, assess the traffic of cars, the availability of shops, the convenience with public transport. You could visit it at different times of the day, and especially late at night, so you can get a clear idea of how safe your chosen area is.

Start the negotiation with clear ideas

Have you identified a house you like? Are you ready to make the proposal? Before you start the negotiation, make sure your request makes sense.

To do so, you can compare similar ads, in the same area, to make sure you make an appropriate proposal.

You'll have to pinpoint precisely the outlay you're able to deal with. The most frequent mistake is to underestimate how much you are really able to spend.

You can start the negotiation from a discounted proposal of 10-20 compared to the initial request. Of course, your request will have to reflect how much you're actually able to spend. You will therefore have to precisely set the expense that you can face, considering in addition to the purchase price also the notary costs and taxes that you will have to pay with the purchase of the house. Remember to also take into account the brokerage costs if you rely on a real estate agency.

Once you have made these considerations, you can start the negotiation with clear ideas.

Sometimes buying a house is an emotional decision rather than a rational one. Avoid falling in love with a house or getting too involved: the deal may not go into port. So, be patient and continue your search without getting discouraged to find the right solution for you.

Where to look for homes for sale

The sites of houses for sale are numerous and contain both real estate listings from private individuals and from agencies that offer a brokerage service.

If you're a novice, relying on an agency is definitely the best choice and will allow you to speed up your search considerably. However, you will need to add brokerage costs to the sale price.

If you are looking for an alternative and safe way to buy a home, which will save you a substantial amount, you can search for homes for sale on online auction portals. The purchase of a house at auction is in fact without risk, since it is a highly regulated procedure and, moreover, does not provide for notary or agency costs.

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