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Special Needs Interior Design: Which Colors to Choose?

Special Needs Interior Design: Which Colors to Choose? - Interior design: the most suitable colors

Special Needs Interior Design

Choosing and matching: a perfect combination of materials and colors

When furnishing your home, it's not always easy to see which colors are perfect for each environment. Surely it is important to give an idea of organic and consistency between the various rooms, although you may prefer something different, less trivial, detaching clearly between one environment and another. Relying on an expert designer can be the solution, but you can also choose the various combinations yourself, following a few rules and being inspired by your own taste. Fundamental remains, in any case, to furnish a house that pleases those who must then live there, to avoid regretting drastic choices later.

Shades and colors: a journey through each person's preferences

To make a great choice in terms of decor and colors, it is good not to be taken in a hurry. The house is an environment in which you spend many hours during the week, and getting a result that satisfies as much as possible the view is very important. The harmony of colors and furnishings is considered fundamental, both for those who choose neutral colors, and for those who want something darker, but also and especially if you are looking for a colorful and particular solution. Staying on neutral and clear colors, it is possible to vary a lot, especially in the different rooms, achieving an excellent final result, which is harmonious and elegant even when each part of the furniture will be in place. A lot of it also depends, of course, on the style of the furniture and the furnishing accessories chosen: orienting on the classic is simpler, undoubtedly, while mixing various styles becomes quite challenging.

White: an ever-present choice

For those who do not want to go wrong, white always remains a great solution: in fact, you can match many different types of furniture, always getting a nice result, satisfying for the sight and above all restful. But if for a few years now it is the absolute favorite color to furnish the house, it is resurfacing next to this neutral coloring a series of options that barely color it, without exaggerating. A pink or blue just mentioned then become a beautiful variant, original and not so difficult to combine with the furnishings.

Spaces large and small: different colors for different sizes

A corridor, a disengagement, which will logically be areas of passage, can be loaded with color and made particular, different, unique; it is usually recommended to prefer saturated colors for small spaces, while instead of dampening the strong colors a bit in larger environments. To understand which colors are best suited to the environment in which you live every day, it is essential to observe well the colors that you like the most, so as to immediately exclude possible options that do not fully meet the view.

The trend in colors for furniture: what you like now among the soft colors

The nuanced shades, not too bright, have characterized 2019, and continue to be in this 2020 the favorite for interior design. In particular, we are witnessing the return of the mint green, a great protagonist in the 70s and 80s, then remained on the margins, but now back to being the protagonist. Perfect for classic furniture, it also goes well with some modern and contemporary accessories, without ever being excessive. It also combines well with gray. Also highly appreciated is the pure blue, bright and relaxing, which manages to create a relaxed and peaceful environment, with special optical effects. It goes very well with a light piece of furniture, with a few shades of gray.

The orange cantaloupe: a bright color for your home

Another color very appreciated for the decor of the house is the orange cantaloupe, which manages to make the surrounding environment more lively and cheerful, giving light and shine to all the rooms in which it is applied. Especially suitable for the living area, it goes well with a clear and classic decor; When paired well, it manages to give the whole house a refined and comfortable look.

Mustard yellow: a great classic revisited

Those who deal with interior design are well aware of the mustard yellow, one of the most appreciated of all time, which is back in vogue today and that manages to position itself among the most favorite, in an ideal link between the current and the splendors of the past. To be combined above all with a modern environment, it is suitable for newly renovated houses, in which it manages to express its full potential.

For those who prefer pink and purple, here's the trend for this 2020

The sunset pink, after a cloud pink that in 2019 has dominated, will win the hearts of many aspiring interior decorators. Relaxing, relaxing, perfect to give a touch of elegance and class, it goes well with minimal interiors. If you want something more charged, bright and romantic, here is the raspberry purple, a concentration of energy and intensity, which is enhanced further with strong contrasts, managing to give the best of itself for example with furnishing accessories of mustard or copper brown. And it is the latter that is one of the most chosen to color the walls of the living area, thanks to the warm feeling of comfort that it manages to convey.

The bedroom: a world unto itself for colors

If contrasts prevail in the living area, strong colors, colors that come off clearly, in the sleeping area you tend to prefer even more relaxing and relaxing shades, so as to make it even more the zen area of the house. In this case, the colors of blankets, bedspreads and pillows can also be matched imaginatively, so as to make it even more pleasant.

Ideal home pairings: how to choose them

Combining two or more colors is not always so easy, but some general indication can help. For example, pink and blue, maybe two shades each, marry very well together, just as well combine mustard yellow and blue, or that same type of yellow with green and gray. The important thing, however, is to get a final result that will match your eyesight and that is as responsive as possible to your tastes.

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